Karo Hovasapian (born on August 9, 1959 in Iran) is a mountaineer and a polar explorer. He moved to Armenia with his family and settled their house in Charentsavan town in 1969. He went in for wrestling and embodied as Candidate Master of the Soviet Union. He served in the USSR army in 1978. He...
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Lev Sarkisov was born on December 2, 1938 in Voronezh city. The Sarkisovs moved to Tbilisi after the war. Lev Sarkisov finished school, worked in a railway station, served in Rocket Forces for three years. After serving he worked at the Aircraft Factory named after Dmitorov, where he was drawn into a sport tourism group....
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Mountaineering is a sport and active recreation, the aim of which is to climb the mountain peaks. The sports essence of mountaineering consists in overcoming natural obstacles created by nature (height, relief, weather conditions), on the way to the top. In sports competitions of alpinism, the object of the competition is the height of the...
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