2015 February 16 will remain in our memory as a historic day of a new volcano detection on the map of Armenian Mountaineering Federation. Today the Federation’s team VOLCAN 18 began its triumphal way. Members of the group are united in their common aspirations and interests, as well as different and inquisitive, active and passionate. So the name of the band was created spontaneously.
VOLCAN 18 is going to cross the mountainous and adventurous journey with the following members: Angin Karapetyan (Ankh), Koryun Boksyan (Fenix), Anahit Sahakyan (Etna), Hasmik Petrosyan, Marine Petrosyan (Magma), Garegin Baghdyan, Aram Beginyan, Arsen Nahapetyan. Let’s not forget to mention that 18 is one of the most arty groups of the Federation because it has singing and dancing volcanoes. Promising and united this group has already proven itself, that not only being friends, they will also be defender and caring group members. And because they are confident they will soon persuade the others.

We wish you many ups and discoveries on the volcanic way of VOLCAN 18. At the same time we are grateful to the Federation for building such consistent and exciting team, for gathering around a common idea. 
  Let’s go!

Marine Petrosyan