On February 1-11 we had a great trip in Iran. We received an invitation from Iran Mountaineering Federation to participate the international mountain climbing dedicated to the Revolutionary Day.  Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation group of 6 participants traveled to Iran. During these 10 days we managed to do everything possible. We had a meeting with the president of Iran Mountaineering Federation, went hundreds of kilometers into the depths of Iran, Kerman. We participated in the opening ceremony.

On February 5 we started to rise Hezar mountain (4501 m), on April 6, at 12 o’clock the Armenian flag was waved on the Hezar peak..We got acquainted with the strongest climbers. Visited sightseeing of Kerman. All this ended with a two-day ice-climbing trainings by the specialists of UIAA. We gathered much impregnate acquirement from the two-day training on the icy waterfall.

Thanks to Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation, especially Suren Danielyan. Special thanks to Suren Stepanyan for hospitality, training, exchange of experience and for everything. And of course we thank to Iran Mountaineering Federation for the warm hospitality and for good organization. From now and then in me Iran will be associated with the mountains and mountaineering. You can admire the steps towards the development of Iran’s state-level mountaineering. Hope, one day we will reach that level too.