Top-clouds in the top of Kazbek.

In difference to the previous, everything was not such simple this time. Kazbek was enough complex peak, all the weather guessing didn’t suggest good things. There were 5 mountain climbers in the team. 3 of them were girls. 2 of the girls were new in mountaineering sphere. Their only aim was conduct a training session on stadiums for improving technical tricks. The latter should be unrial to organize in Armenian conditions. Everything, seems, was working like very known Armenian principe “The important thing is participation, not victory”. However, Armenian mountain climbers demonstrated very brave and courageous. After a successful training session they were in fighting spirit to the surprise of local mountain climbers and decided to attack the peak.
It was very difficult for newcomers, weather conditions also were very bad. It was felt that there were the lack of oxygen, but all that aside to pass by , when the members of the team have good knowledge, good equipment and the most important thing that they have great desire.
Perhaps, Kazbek seeing this great desire its white top temporary gave to our mountain climbers.
They won… First of all they won most themselves. 5 mountain climbers from The Federation of mountaineering and mountain tourism in Armenia waving Armenian flag on the top of Kazbek /5033m/ on August 8.
Here are our mountain climbers.
1.    Unusyan Garegin /the head of the Federation/
2.    Movsesyan Levon
3.    Manandyan Hasmik
4.    Khachatryan Ani
5.    Movsesyan Monar

What we can state, The Federation of mountaineering and mountain tourism in Armenia made two serious rise during a month: Demavend 5671m, Kazbek 5033m.
There is a confidence that the formation of the national team and the spread of mountain climbing among youth is being.
The Federation has about 120 young people to engage in the mountaineering.
We will set sports clubs from September. We will start active trainings among schools. Parallel, we are planning to have units dealing with mountaineering in universities which should be supported by FMTA.