The Falls of Trchkan is saved!

This miracle of Armenian nature which is a real source of inspiration, today is free.
The falls of Trchkan stands, because the Armenian people have brave hearts, who can struggle for its rescue till the end and win.
The Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking federation too has enclosed a small part of this great work in The Falls of Trchkan sending there camping accessories, tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, etc, as well as has collected some hundreds of signatures in support of the falls.
So, we won, as we could unite our efforts.
Here are the names of the members and friends of the Federation who finally with a group of young enthusiast struggled for this great victory.
Ilya Nersisyan
Karen Marutyan
Gevorg Vardanyan
Tigran Shahbazyan
Egdar Haroutyunyan