Recently Igor Khalatyan was our guest

Shocking news for all fans of mountaineering.  A few days ago we had a meeting with Igor Khalatyan. Words and comments are just not due in such cases. Igor is one of the 4 Armenian mountain climbers, who have been on the peak of Mount Everest. By the invitation of Armenian mountaineering and mountain tourism federation, Igor Khalatyan paid a visit to us _ at the address of Artsakh 20. The  Vice-Chairmen, board members and of course the new members of the federation were waiting for him there. Igor is one of the four Armenian climbers who have been at the peak of Mount Everest. At the beginning he told about the difficult, and at the same time the very interesting path of  mountain climbers, then he told us how he came up with the idea of rising to the Mount Everest. Afterwards we got to the most interesting part: we watched an exclusive movie which thoroughly introduced Igor’s rise to the Everest. Through many difficulties in the end he stepped on the peak of Mount Everest. I should tell you, I was greatly inspired when I saw Igor standing on the Mount Everest with Armenian flag in his hands! Afterwards a few members of the Federation had the honor to be granted diplomas by Mr. Khalatyan himself. And at the end of the meeting Armenian Mountaineering and Mountain Tourism Federation granted him with the title of  “Honourable member” of the Federation.