Of progress towards Demavend (5671 m)

The 7 successful of  The  Land and mountain tourism in the mountain climbers of the team of ascent to the highest mountain in Iran in 2 on July, Demavend (5671 m). The first day of the mountaineers climbed up to 4200 meters, where the night and the next day the ascent towards the top, where Armenian flag is flutterst. Note also that the mountaineers were trained and a very good time up top.
The next day we visited in the Iranian mountaineering and the Federation had a meeting with the President, who congratulated our mountain climbers quite an impressive rise Then our mountaineers Federation inviteted in Armenia mountaineering federation of the Iran 
Glory and honor to our 7 lernagnatsnerin.
1. Garegin Unusyan (leader of the group)
2. LevonMovsisyan.
3. Jasmine Manandyan
4. MnacakanArakelyan
5.Tigran Simoyian
6. Gevorg Hambardzumyan
7. Aram Gevorgyan