Mets Ishkhanasar is a mountain in Syunik highland. It’s the highest peak of Ishkhanasar’s massif. Mets Ishkanasar is situated on the border of Syunik region and Artsakh’s republic. You can see a glacial lake “Sev” on the eastern slopes of the mountain.
Mets Ishkanasar is located 207 km. away from Yerevan. The ascent starts from the junction of motorway with the way that leads to Vaghatin village; to the north-east.


The highest point: 3550 meters
Start point: 1972 meters
Maximum Elevation: 1578 meters
Trek length: 23.3 kilometers
 (12.2 km- ascent, 11.1 km- descent)
Duration: 13 hours 55 minutes
Dates: 18-19 of November 2017
Snow starts from 2997 meters