“Mountains of Armenia” Presentation of the Book

“Mountains of Armenia” Presentation of the Book

On the 1st of July 2019 the presentation of Tigran Varag’s book “Mountains of Armenia” took place in “Elite Plaza” business center. 

“Mountains of Armenia” is a unique bilingual book which will make Armenian mountains famous not only in the territory of Armenia but also in the whole world. People from all over the world  who are interested in mountaineering can learn about mountains of Armenia and due to it Armenia can become one of the most visited mountaineering destinations. 

The idea of the book became real with the financial support of CNF. 

On the basis of the book there are two major factors – first is the project “Ours” and the second is a group of adventurous young people whose interest of endless discoveries made the project real. 

The Ptoject “Ours”

The idea of climbing the highest summits of all mountain ranges of Armenia appeared to Armenian Geographic project in 2003. The ascents were available for everyone who was interested in mountaineering and wanted to participate.

The project gave an opportunity to discover new heights, to get acquainted with nature, nearby villages, people living there and also recognize the cultural and historical monuments. During the project we’ve climbed many mountains and 64 peaks of 46 mountain ranges found their place in our book. You can find all the tracks in the Armenian Geographic’s wikiloc page (www.wikiloc.com).

“Mountains of Armenia” Book

The book aims not only to provide practical information about the mountains, their geographical location and geological specificities, but also to provide stimulus for the development of mountaineering in Armenia and encouraging the growth of ecotourism in the country. As such, it is designed to be of interest for those with a specialist interest in the geography of Armenia’s mountain landscapes, as well as visitors who would dare come to this magic land.

With the help of the book “Mountains of Armenia” you will feel the beauty of our mountains and the spirit of group hiking. 

The book includes photographs which were taken during the very mountain treks that helped to establish the trails and routes provided on the book.This photos also serve as an inspiring reminder of how humankind is dwarfed by the power and sublimity of nature.

“Mountains of Armenia” shows us everything that is near us every day through the eyes of a hiker. 

250 pages of the book summarize the mountains of Armenia with their whole beauty and attractiveness. The book consists of 3 parts:

  • Northern mountain ranges
  • Volcanic mountains 
  • Southern mountain ranges

But the project “Ours” isn’t limited only by the mountains of Armenia, it also aims to reach the heights of historical Armenia. The next book is going to be about the mountains of Armenian Highland. The book will show all the known but unachievable mountains with their whole beauty. 

Photos by Hrachuhi Ayvazyan and Ani Baghdasaryan