Ivan (Vano) Galustov – a mountaineer, USSR Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the Armenian USSR. Double Champion of USSR.

In 1957 he was awarded the title of ‘’Snow Leopard’’ for overcoming 4 peaks of more than 7.000 m height in the USSR.

1947-1952 he had been a lecturer at the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture.

1960-1970 he led the group of mountaineers’ participating in the construction of the Nourek Waterjet.

In 1954 or 1955 he carried out the traverse of Bezeng Ridge in a month, which was celebrated at the English club ‘’Ushba’’.

It was amazing for those years to stay 30 days at 4.000-5.000 m height. This traverse had been implemented in July-August. Galustov had also been called ‘’Black buffalo’’ as he could carry heavy stuff in the mountains. 

  • 1953, 1957 – USSR Double Champion
  • 1957 – ‘’Snow Leopard’’ award
  • 1958 – USSR Honored Master of Sports
  • 1958 – Honored Trainer of Armenian USSR