А Visit to Stepanakert

It has been about 4 months since climbers from Stepanakert had sent our Federation a request to organize a visit to them and consequently on Saturday, 28th November we decided to visit Stepanakert.
Items of agenda were many, but we had only one day at our desposal.
There we met the head of rescue forces of Karabakh, who did his best to make our visit as effective as possible. A number of documents on mutual recognition and assistance were signed, effective ways of cooperation were discussed.
Then we met local mountain rescuers and held a short seminar.
And in the end we met local mountaineers and learned that in Karabakh still there is no center on mountaineering, let alone Federation.
So, a decision therefore was made that in short terms Armenian Мountaineering and Hiking Federation will open its branch in Karabakh.