The event, organized on the occasion of “Mountains Day of Armenia,” was held in a very warm environment and full of programs. Mountains combined many people under the Federation and this time it is not exception either. Individual mountaineers, club managers, people who just love the mountains and were inspired by them were present at the event.  

 As we mentioned in the agenda of the event, everything was at the height of the mountains. Since October 9 is close to the end of the year, we also had a lot of things to tell about the mountain operations that took place during the year.

The children of “4 GAGAT” mountain club were awarded with certificates of completion, who had received theoretical and practical knowledge about climbing for five months. Their certification day coincided with a very good day, and it was symbolic and a good opportunity to get acquainted with the older mountaineers.

“Gora” magazine is a novelty in Armenia and not only. Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Elenas Shuvaeva-Petrosyan presented us, as it is intended for the strong, courageous and businessmen, which is the motto of the magazine. There is no need to think that this magazine is only about mountains. It is designed for anyone who seeks their mountain, whether it’s practical, personal, or just a mountain. We should gladly mention that “Gora” magazine is now the General Information Partner of the Armenian Mountaineering and Mountain Tourism Federation.

During 2017 many have been involved in mountaineering and mountain tourism, and the federation considers it important to value the most prominent individuals, clubs and organizations. A total of 17 awards were handed to the members of the Federation and their partner clubs and their members who have contributed to the development of the sector in some way. One has contributed to the construction of hiking trails, the other has made active advancements and the third has contributed to the development of high mountain ascents. Voskeni wines wine, Beauty production special trip collection and “Gora” magazine were also awarded with the letters of thanks. Thank you to our partners for being with us.

The recipients of Certificate of Appreciation:

<>: The project “We Are” for the discovery of new mountain roads through the ascent.

ArmLand club / AS Tour Club: For involving people in organizing and promoting mobility by ascents and hiking.

Hrach Ivanyan / Aghasi Martirosyan / Karine Hakobyan: To implement an unprecedented rise in 2017.

Artashes Mkrtchyan: for the contribution to the development of high mountain slopes.

Step Slackliners Armenia club: for a consolidating and unprecedented event organized by the Hellenic Valley on April 22-23 2017.

AHA Armenia: for the promotion of mountain tourism and the promotion of clubs through the marking of footprint trails.

Vazgen Galstyan: To have a great contribution to the development of the mountainous Jermuk city,

Vahagn Vardumyan: for making a great contribution to the construction of hiking trails.

Martin Tatosich / Spartak Hovhannisyan / Ashot Levonyan:  due to the transfer of knowledge and skills to make the ascension safe.

Artashes Khudoyan: For a loyal company with the Armenian Mountaineering and Mountain Tourism Federation.


Finally, the Federation has a new up-to-date website that has been presented to the audience and hopes that through an exchange of information we will have an information center that will reflect information about Armenian mountaineers, mountain climbing, mountain medicine, ascents, routes, and mountain climbing.

Shushanna Rubenyan and Narine Tchagharyan started a program in summer 2014 with the aim of climbing all the peaks of the Geghama highway. On October 9, they presented the complete list of mountains, touched on the difficulties and advantages, mentioned the direction in which the ascent, the weather conditions, and the conclusions they made on the complexity of the ascent and some of the peaks on the top of the map.

Even though the hillside is a low altitude (3970 m), it is a technically complex mountain. Overcoming the difficulties and difficulties of mountain it is a great advancement in mountaineers own experience. Suren Petrosyan, Garegin Unutyan and Hovhannes Martirosyan could do it this summer, and those present at the event had the opportunity to listen to Suren Petrosyan’s report, to admire their courage and to rejoice with their accomplishments.

The head of ArmLend Club Artyom Martirosyan handed certificates to members of his team who reached Kazbeg (5033 m) in September, on top of which marked the flag of Armenia and Artsakh.

They also touched upon the climbing wall built at the YSU Physical Culture Hall, the activities of the Disarming Club, the activation of the climbing in Artsakh, the rock climbing exercises of the “White Irbish” club and the activity of the club, highlighting their role and their programs.

At the end we said goodbye to one another with the expectations of a new upsurge, achievement and a warm meeting.