On October 26, in Yerevan Royal Tulip Grand Hotel took place 2014’s summary of Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation. The event was attended by the founders and Vice Presidents of the Federation, honorary members and important guests.

The opening speech was given to the Federation’s eldest and experienced mountaineer, Aghvan Chatinyan, who always hold high the honor of Armenia in the international arena and has numerous victories and achievements by which we are all proud.

They talked about the Federation’s program to teach the new climbers’ group, as this year it was totally managed giving 2 strong group and a strong team climbers.

The Federation’s 16+ and STORM 1+7 groups’ representatives told about the trainings, gained knowledge, previous and future experience in the mountains.

The event was attended by Suren Stepanyan, who, being a board member of the Mountaineering Federation of Armenia and Iran, provides a great co-operation between the two countries and implementation of many joint projects of mountaineers, which, expected in 2015, was presented during the performance.

About the successes of 2014 and 2015’s wishes expressed the honorary members of Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation, rescue groups, teachers and doctors, Sergey Bidzyan and Dr. Spartak Hovhannisyan, who always play a major role in the Federation’s successful project.

One of the most important achievements of the year was the overcoming Kazbek Peak by a six-member team. During the video about the climbing, the road’s difficulties and remarkable moments were demonstrated.

2014’s achievements in various fields of mountaineering were introduced – rock climbing, hiking, slacklining.

The Federation’s vice president, White Irbis’ founder and teacher Antuan Ananyan introduced the projects, achievements and goals of his club. Giving more advanced courses about mountaineering within the club, Antuan gives the team members specialized skills that help them to be ready for any situation in the mountains and on the rocks and safely enjoy the pleasure of climbing and mountaineering.

This year’s achievements were also many in the field of expeditions.

Federation’s board member and Armenian geographical project’s founder Tigran Shahbazyan presented that, telling about the project “It’s Ours”, which plans to make a climb to the highest points of the Armenian highland and helps us to know and love ours. About the successes in the field of expeditions told the founder of Armlend company – Artyom Martirosyan. In 2014 we also had a great progress in slackline. It’s a brother sport with rock climbing, for some a hobby or active rest, which helps to develop the balance better using the body on the tape. It is divided into many types and  thanks to the members of Mountaineering and Hiking Federation, they are increasingly developing in Armenia.

The evening concluded and closing remarks said the deputy chairman of the Federation Suren Danielyan, on behalf of the Federation thanked the clubs and event organizers, delivering gifts in gratitude for their contribution.