In the area of mountaineering 2016 was distinguished both with its multiple ascents, selected peaks and seasons of ascents. If formerly we were satisfied with region’s high mountains – Ararat, Elbrus, Kazbek, Damavand – this year it was different. The geography of Armenian mountaineering enlarged, which was complex both technically and with height. It’s important to mention, that from all the ascents our climbers returned unscathed. By chronological order the climbings of Armenian mountaineering and mountain tourism of Armenian Federation members have the following picture:

1.      June 9, 2016 – winter climbing trial, Mount Elbrus / Artashes Mkrtchyan

2.      February 26, 2016 – winter climbing, Mount Damavand / Anahit Sahakyan(till 4500m), Sushan Rubenyan, Aram Beginyan, Narine Tshagharyan

3.      March 8, 2016 – climbing Mount Elbrus / Artashes Mkrtchyan

4.      May 20, 2016 – climbing Mount Everest / Irena Kharazova

5.      May 22, 2016 – climbing Mount Everest / Ara Khachaduryan

6.      July 14, 2016 – climbing Mount Elbrus / Anzhela Tshagharyan, Artashes Mkrtchyan

7.      July 26, 2016 – climbing Mount Elbrus / Hasmik Petrosyan

8.      August 2016 – climbing Momblan, Maternhorn, Arkhimed and Ural Mounts / Antuan Ananyan

9.      August 5, 2016 – climbing Mount Kazbek / Tigran Shahbazyan

10.  August 16, 2016 – climbing the peak Lenin / Artases Mkrtchyan

11.  August 28, 2016 – climbing Mount Kazbek / Aram Beginyan, Hasmik Petrosyan, Anahit Sahakyan, Marine Petrosyan

12.  August 29, 2016 – climbing Materhorn / Levon Movsisyan, Eduard Sargsyan, Garegin Unutyan, SurenPetrosyan

13.  August 29, 2016 – climbing Mount Uzhba / Igor Khalatyan

14.  September 3, 2016 – climbing trial the peak Lenin, which finished by the height of the peak Razdelnaya

15.  September 8, 2016 – climbing Mount Kazbek / Artyom Martirosyan, Sona Harutyunyan

16.  September 9, 2016 – climbing Mount Damavand / Anush Aghababyan

17.  September 19, 2016 – climbing Mount Elbrus / Sona Harutyunyan (till 4700m), Artashes Mkrtchyan

18.  October 9, 2016 – climbing Mount Kazbek / Artashes Mkrtchyan

19.  October 16, 2016 – climbing Mount Kush Kaya / Antuan Ananyan

Those, who were not considered members of Federation, were quite active too, especially Avedis Kalpakian’s climbing on Mount Denali was remarkable. Avedis Kalpakian often shared his experience meeting with the climbers in Federation and telling about the climbing’s difficulties and particularity.

The Federation welcomes and encourages the contact with the climbers who are not members providing information about all the climbings.

2016 was also remarkable with the organized events within Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation.

We had an opportunity to welcome in Armenia Ara Khachadurian living in France and Irena Kharazova living in Russia, who had climbed Mount Everest. Ara Khachaduryan his ascent dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and besides, Irena Kharazova waved the flag of Artsakh on the top of Mount Everest.

Irena Kharazova was the first woman of Armenian origin, who managed to climb Everest.

Armenia Mountaineering and Hiking Federation applied to the Prime Minister to give the latter some grant, and on that occasion Ara Khachaduryanin and Irene Kharazovayin were given gratitude by the Prime Minister.

Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation organized meeting-discussions during which Ara Khachaduryan and Irena Kharazova presented their climbing program, told about the difficulties, answered the present mountaineers’ questions. Armenia Mountaineering and Hiking Federation gave diplomas to Irena Kharazova and Ara Khachaduryan for being honorary members, and Irena Kharazova was given a certificate stating that she was the first woman who managed to overcome the height of Mount Everest.

On September 17 another meeting-discussion took place, during which Levon Movsisyan, Eduard Sargsyan, Antuan Ananyan, Narine Tshagharyan, Sushan Rubenyan, Hasmik Petrosyan, Marine Petrosyan, Sona Harutyunyan and Artyom Martirosyan talked about their climbing.

From February 2016 “4 Peaks Alpine Club” began its activity by Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation, which will be continuous thanks to a successful process.

The club organizes classes for children aged 8-14, and parallel the classes climbings are made to mountains that are permissible for children’ age.

In 2016 Tatevik Vardanyan, Hayk Hayrapetyan, Babken Arzumanyan, Eduard Stepanyan became members of Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation, besides, Narine Tshagharyan became the board member.

On December 11, the international day of the mountains, in Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation took place ”Final night 2016” event, which aimed to summarize the activities of the Federation for the year, give membership certificates to the new members, and, besides, handed diplomas to attend classes organized by the Federation, watch the mountaineering videos, interact with ‘mountainous’ friends and with great expectations meet 2017.

2016 was an unprecedented ‘mountainous’ year, and we are confident that 2017 will find its interesting place in the history of mountaineering.

Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation for 2017 wishes safe and successful new heights, unforgettable days, favorable weather and, of course, peace, good health and success.