Mount Vardablur is situated in Vayots Dzor region. It is also known as ”ears of wolf”.
It is situated in the 142 kilometres from the capital Yerevan in case of starting the ascent from the village of Zedea .  Until the foothills of the mountain there are roads that can be reached by cars (suitable for a SUV). In case of starting the ascent from the villages it is suitable to walk from te Village of Zedea, because the distance from the village to the summit of the mount is 4,82km,  and that from the village of Aragakadzor is 12,68 km.

This route has been drawn up with the following points: The Zedea village-start, Mount Vardablur, Gridzor, the Agarakadzor village-the end.


Maximum height: 2255 m

Minimum height: 1151 m

Total ascent: 823 m

Total descent: 1304 m

Lenght: 17,5 km (4,82 km ascent , 12,68 km descend)

Duration: 8 h 25 min

Period: 26 Nov, 2017.

Snow existence: above 1109m