On January 28, 1 person died and 2 were injured as a result of avalanche, on Mount
A 18-person expedition ,led by Edgar Navasardyan, successfully climbing the summit of
Mount Ara, and on the back way appeared under an avalanche. The incident took place
in the junk stretching to Tsakhkevank. As a result of avalanche six members of the
expedition slided down the slope. Immediately after the incident the members of the
expedition aletred MES ”911”, Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation. Before
the arrival of Rescue Forces the members of expedition had undertaken every possible
means to help victims.
Before the rescuers arrived, the expedition members made every effort to find the
missing member, but found her body. According to the preliminary data, the latter, as a
result of decline, had received incompatible injuries for life and died, which, however,
will be confirmed on the basis of a professional conclusion. Without losing time, a large
group of hearty mountaineers and rescuers had been in the scene of incident for about
40 minutes. After two-hour jointly rescue operations, Edgar Navasardyan, who received
severe bodily injuries, was successfully lowered down. One of the expedition members
Hrach Harutyunyan received bodily injury without risk of life. The injured were
hospitalized. At 21:40 Nairuhi Simonyan’s body was given to the ambulance.
Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation Expresses deep condolences and
support to Nairuhi Simonyan’s family, relatives and friends.