Mount Harsnasar is situated on the border of  Vayots Dzor region and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.  It has 2773m height and  is one of the summits of Vayk Mountain range. It is located 146 km far from capital Yerevan.  The ascent began and ended in the village of Gnishik.  It is risky to climb  mount Harsnasar, because it is too close to the border.  The ascent with the eastern branching is gradually and easy.
The descend implemented with western branching, which is a bit long and the last km is very abrupt.

Though, when descending with this way Kzavor summit is also added.

Maximum height: 2773m

Minimum height: 2035m

Total ascent : 738m

Total descend: 730m

Lenght: 11,9 km (5,84 km ascent , 6,06km descend)

Duration: 7 h 45 min

Period: 17 Dec , 2017

Snow existence: above  2000m, average 30cm depth